Virtue Spire Loader Spring Ramp

Virtue Spire Loader Spring Ramp

Virtue Spire Loader Spring Ramp Virtue Spire Loader Spring Ramp

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The Virtue Spire Spring Ramp helps deliver consistent rates of fire for your gun by flowing the paintballs from the front to the drive cone. While the Spire loader holds over 200 paintballs, it can be displaced through the entire area within that can lead to paintballs getting "stuck" at the front especially if you are tilting it forward. When the paintballs are not able to get delivered to the rear of the loader this causes inconsistent rates of fire and make it seem your gun is sputtering especially when your loader is getting low! Install the Virtue Spring Ramp in your loader that helps flow the paintballs back to your drive cone while not losing the capacity of the Virtue Spire!


  • Help increase consistent rates of fire with your Virtue Spire
  • Helps flow the paintballs at the front of your loader to the drive cone
  • Does not lower your capacity of your Standard or 260 Virtue Spire Loader
  • Easily clips in place and compatible with both your standard Virtue Spire standard or Virtue Spire 260 loader

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