Tippmann TiPX Pistol - Black

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Tippmann TiPX Pistol - Black

he Tippmann TPX .68 Caliber Paintball Pistol is an exciting new compact design that will be dependable, lightweight, easy to maintain and affordable. The new Tippmann TPX Pistol comes with 2 magazine clips, a barrel blocking device, a maintenance kit, and a deluxe carrying case.


  • Removable Barrel – X7 and A-5 compatible threads provide the ability to add after market barrels.
  • ¼ Turn CO2 Cap – Easy to turn cap makes loading a snap even with gloves on.
  • 12 gram CO2 Air System – The under barrel location allows for a smaller grip and lowest cost magazine.
  • Picatinny Rails – Built in rails make it easy to add a Tac light or other accessories.
  • Metal Trigger – This durable trigger punctures Co2 on first pull, saving your air until you need it.
  • Magazine Feed System – The quick release system drops the magazine right into your hand with the touch of a button.
  • Covered Ammo Windows – Allows you to see how many balls are in your magazine at a glance.
  • Grip – Ergonomically designed grip is smaller and textured for a secure feel.
  • Self-Locking 7-Ball Magazine Clip – This spring loaded, compact clip is easy to carry, load and use.
  • Lanyard Clip – Ensures you will never lose your pistol in the heat of battle.
  • External Velocity Adjuster – Allows for easy adjustment with a standard Alan wrench.
  • Ability To Add A Remote Line – Allows access to a separate air supply when needed.


Caliber: 68 Action: Semi-automatic
Power: CO2 Hopper Capacity:
CO2 Capacity: 12g Feed rate: 7bps
Firing rate: 7bps Trigger: Standard
Barrel length: 6 1/4" Length: 10 7/8" long
Weight: 1lb 11oz Effective Range: 150+ ft
Overall Rating:
These TiPX Pistols sell really fast, so get them as soon as you see them in stock.
  Paul Owen   Aug 12, 2015

This is a decent pistol... Not as great as I had hoped but it was still good. There was a minor problem with the clips and how the balls would sometimes become lodged in and would get chopped because the spring couldnt push them all the way up into the chamber but that could be a problem with my clips only. I havent heard anything bad about this gun yet so it is possible. It is very accurate and consistent but the fact that only 7-8 rounds fit in a clip is a problem. Of course it is going to be a problem with any pistol lol. Other than the clip this is a great gun, very easy to clean on the fly and has some wicked accuracy given the right conditions. I would recommend trying it first for a game or 2 before you decide to buy it if you have a friend that can loan it to you :) Enjoy!
  Darren Johnnie   Jul 13, 2009