Tippmann Cyclone Feed System Kit

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Tippmann Cyclone Feed System Kit

The Tippmann 98 Cylcone Feed kit is a actuated loader that is moved by the exhausted air out of the valve from the Tippmann marker. This allows the loader to move the paintballs into the breech without the use of batteries, this makes the loader to be one of the most reliable systems available to load paintballs into your gun quickly and efficiently. Having the paintballs getting loaded everytime you take a shot allows the paintball gun to be fired at higher rates while not having to worry about jamming or chopping issues. Pick this up and get an immediate performance boost to your gun!


  • Load paintballs into the marker faster and quickly to help increase the rate of fire
  • Prevent jamming and chopping issues that gravity feed loaders commonly have
  • Uses the marker excess valve exhaust pressure to operate, no batteries needed
  • Compatible with Tippmann 98,Bravo & Alpha markers (Not Tango/Carver ones)
  • Feed rate up to 15+BPS
Overall Rating:
The A5 cyclone loader that was adapted for the C98 is one of the best items I have bought so far. It does cut down on Jamming and ball breakage, which is really nice when you dont have your cleaning gear with you on the battlefield. Along with its definiate bonus' the install was easy and did not take to long. The only draw back that I can see with this is that it ties into your CO2 and can run out faster then if you just had a regulart hopper but then were would be the fun.
  Derek Budris   Aug 12, 2006