Tippmann 98 Response Trigger Kit

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Tippmann 98 Response Trigger Kit

The Tippmann 98 Response Trigger Kit will increase your rate of fire and also able to tune to shoot different burst modes. The response trigger works as a piston behind the trigger that actuates the trigger foward, by holding the trigger at the right spot the marker can go into automatic fire or tuned correct shoot at burst. The response trigger is truely unique as it requires no batteries to operate as it uses the exhaust gas of the marker to operate. Increase your rate of fire without the worry about your batteries dying!


  • Increase the rate of fire or change the style of shooting
  • Kit installs easily into the Tippmann 98 as the marker is pre molded to accept it
  • Tune the marker to shoot as fast or as slow in automatic
  • Customize the marker to shoot in burst
  • Highly reliable system as designed from Tippmann
  • Shoot up to 15bps

*Note: Kit does not include grip frame, only internal pieces

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