TechT Bob Long G6R Hush Bolt

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TechT Bob Long G6R Hush Bolt

The TechT Hush bolt design comes to the G6R. The Hush Bolt has strategic placement of the o-rings for better sealing action that gives better consitent air flow that increases air efficiency while reducing sound signature. The even flow allows the air to be spread evenly on the paintball that gives an increase in accuracy. The radial ramping face of the bolt prevents many breech breaks, or clipping the next ball in the stack of paintballs in the feed neck. Pick this bolt up and make your gun quieter, increase the accuracy and increase air efficiency.


  • Direct upgrade from stock bolt
  • Even Flow face spreads the pressure on the paintball for increased accuracy, and decreases sound signature that makes your gun sound quieter
  • Placement of the o-rings increases the air efficiency so more shots per tank
  • Radial Ramping prevents breech breaks or clipping the neck ball in the feedneck stack
  • Uses the stock bolt pin, spring and ball bearing
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