Spyder MR4 Pro

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Spyder MR4 Pro

The Spyder MR4 Tactical Paintball marker is a .68 caliber firing system. The new styling of the MR4 features more tactical weaver base mount points on the shourd system and also along the carrying handle. This allows for more places to add additional tactical accessories such as flashlights, lasers, scopes, red dots and foregrips. The tactical additions will help you customize a unique look to your marker and also help you figure out how to give you additional advantages over your opoponents. The skeleton stock allows you to help create a stable firing platform that will create a more accurate shot each time you take one. With the hollowed out skeleton design this will also create a lighter marker set up to help prevent your arms from getting anymore strained from the longer days or camping out for the perfect shot. Comes stock with the 12" Micro Honed barrel with the Muzzle break that will give you the edge in accuracy without sacrificng the milsim appearance. The main difference between the MR4 from the MR1 other then looks is the EKO Valve system which allows for better air efficiency (1800psi per 20oz Co2 Tank!) and lower recoil for a smoother firing cycle that can help increase accurate strings of shots. Pick up the MR4 to start dominating the field both in performance and in looks right out of the box.


  • New MR4 .68 caliber Spyder marker to give you all the advantages without giving any of the disadvantages
  • 12" Micro Honed Barrel system giving an accurate firing barrel and comes included a Tactical Muzzle
  • Multiple weaver/picatinny 7/8" bases to allow you to add Flashlights, Red Dot sights, Scopes, Lasers and Tactical Fore Grips
  • EKO Valve system allows for better air efficiency (1800shots per 20oz co2 tank!) and less recoil with each shot taken
  • Skeleton stock allows for a stable firing platform to allow a perfect one shot kill and elevates the weight off the entire marker

New 2012 Features:

  • M16 Adjustable stock
  • M16 Carry Handle with sights


  • Length: 33"
  • Width: 2.5"
  • Height: 9"
  • Dry Weight (No Tank or Loader): 3.8lbs
  • Air Efficiency: 1800 shots per 20oz Co2 Tank
  • Propellant System: Co2 or Compressed Air/Nitrogen
  • Effective Range: Approx 200 feet
  • Accuracy Range: Up to 150 feet
  • Trigger System: Single Short Pull Trigger
  • Internal Valve System: EKO Valve
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