Sly S11 Pro-Merc Elbow Pads - Front Player

Sly S11 Pro-Merc Elbow Pads - Front Player

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The Sly Pro Merc Arms pads deliver light weight protection that keeps your mobile and protected. The pads protect from the wrist to above the elbow that results in a full arm protection when wearing either a t-shirt or jersey. Using a light weight high density visco-elastic foam gives the players the mobility and compact protection they need at the front lines. Kevlar body for the padding gives the pads a strong lasting appeal that will prevent short life use of the pads. Strategical placing of the pads creates a non constricting protective pad for full range of motion. The main difference between the Back and Front is with the higher density thermoformed padding made for diving.


  • Light weight arm pads made for the front player
  • Lightweight Visco-elastic high density thermoformed padding developed for diving
  • Planned out pad placing for full range of motion
  • Kevlar Panel Pad covers for a long lasting arm pads
  • Quilted Foam Factor
  • Thumb Loop help keeps pads from slipping
  • Sizes Available: M/L and L/XL

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