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ZBalls .68 Cal Rubber Ball - 500 rd

Model #: G-500 Zballs  
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The GXG ZBalls are a great way to practice or tune your gun without having to waste any paintballs in your yard. The GXG ZBalls are a rubber paintball that is able to be used with any 0.68 caliber paintball guns. These can be easily cleaned with water and ready to use! Pick these up to help save yourself some money when you just want to shoot without wasting any paintballs. 


  • Reusable rubber paintballs that helps save costs if you need some target practice or tuning in your gun
  • 0.68 caliber sized ball that is generally fits in all paintball guns in that caliber
  • Yellow colour to help you find your shots around the house/yard
  • 500 count bag

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