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Empire Grind THT Elbow Pad

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The Empire Grind THT Elbow Pad, without them you can get those painful shots on your elbow or your forearm where the skin is thin and bruises always show while almost gives you a numbing feeling that is never good. The Empire Grind THT Elbow Pads gives you the protection you need to help protect against paintball hits and added protection when you take those hard dives. Thumbhole loops with the adjustable wrist and bicep straps keep the pads in place and not up to your shoulders, this ensures that the pads protect the areas where it's design to. Thermal molded and padded back hand gives your pads the ultimate form of protection against the terrain and paintball hits that flex and move with you that keeps you mobile on the field. Plenty of ventilation keeps you cool while you rock these on the field, with the ventilation it keeps you cool and comfortable so you can play for hours at a time. Memory foam padding within EVA foam gives you the double protection that full protects your elbow down to your wrist; you will barely feel the hit. Pick these pads up and get the protection you need to stay the same way you came to the field and leaving it!


  • Dual memory and eva foam padding gives players complete protection from the elbow to your wrist
  • Adjustable velcro straps at the wrist and biceps make sure these pads stay in place and not up your elbows
  • Padded thermal molded back hand gives you a comfortable protection from paintball impacts as nothing hurts like a shot to the hand
  • Plenty of ventilation keeps your arms cool and comfortable so you can wear these all day
  • Give yourself added chance to get a bounces so paintballs don't break on your arms and keeps you in the game longer and opponents frustrated

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