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Dye Assault Pack 4+5

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The Dye Assault pack is an extremely light weight paintball pod pack that feels comfortable holds enough paintballs to fight an army. The pod pack is made from light weight materials that stretches and conforms to your body. The pod pouches is using Dye's stretch elastic ejection that holds the pods tightly to the harbess but ejects the pods once released, making this one of the easiest packs to use without worrying about pods getting stuck during a reload cycle. The pack is a one size fits all design with elastic bands holds to pack close ot your body making sure that it doesn't bounce around while you run down your opponents. Pick this pack and hold all the paint you want while not getting weighed down on the field! 


  • Hold up to 9 pods so you don't have to worry about running out of paintballs on the field
  • Light weight materials makes you forget that you are wearing it on the field so you don't feel weighed down
  • Elastic ejection system holds the pods tightly while holstered but once released it ejects the pods freely and quickly so you don't need to worry about them getting stuck in
  • One size fits all design so no need to worry about sizing issues
  • Elastic waist bands holds the pack close to your body without needing it bouncing around on your back when running

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