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10rd Tube Smoke with Quick Lid

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 These 10rd Tubes are different from the standard 10rd tubes as they feature a more durable smoke coloured body while coming with each a quick lid system. The Smoke coloured tube is now darker and harder to see in the field while still being clear enough letting you know which ones are full or empty. Quick Lid system features the lid to be attached to the tube for easy speed loading without loosing your caps on the field! Pick up these Tubes to replace your older previous ones that are weaker and missing caps!


  • 10rd Tube Smoke holds exactly 10rds for your Pump Marker
  • Quick Lid easily flilps open and attached to the pod so you don't loose the caps
  • Smoke Coloured to prevent players easily seeing the older standard white/clear units in the brush while able to still see yourself what you have left

**Note: Paintballs do not come with each tube and quantity is for 1 each

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