PeeGee Barrel Sock

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PeeGee Barrel Sock

PeeGee is now on barrel socks! These ASTM rated barrel socks have been approved to stop paintballs safely just in case if your gun goes off accidentally off the field! Barrel socks are necessary just like using a mask on the field; you can see everyone off field using one as without one you can easily injure spectators or fellow players. These barrel socks are equipped with a stretch cord and should accommodate to any length of gun and will stay in place once it has been put on! You can be safe while still looking good with PeeGee on there!


  • Necessary safety item that you need with your paintball gun
  • ASTM rated barrel blocking device, it's not a cheap knock off product
  • PeeGee sublimated printed Barrel sock
  • Stretch cord to accommodate any marker length to securely hold it in place

*Note: One sock per purchase

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