Ninja Mini Fill Valve Assembly

Ninja Mini Fill Valve Assembly

Ninja Mini Fill Valve Assembly Ninja Mini Fill Valve Assembly

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The Ninja Mini Fill Valve is an amazingly small for replacement fill nipple for HPA/Nitrogen paintball tanks. This Ninja Fill Nipple is designed to be small and compact while still retaining all the strength as a standard fill nipple can give as the product is made in the good ol USA. The size of the Fill Nipple is almost as large as a penny, this is an amazing feature as it helps be more compact on your gun, this also prevents the problems that other fill nipples can dig into your wrists when you are holstering your gun. This Fill Nipple can also be a replacement fill nipple if your current tank fill nipple is leaking. Pick this fill nipple up from Ninja Paintball to get a more reliable fill falve that doesn't dig into your wrists.


  • Mini sized fill nipple helps prevent the wrist digging from other standard length fill nipples
  • 1/8" NPT threaded fill nipples
  • Pre wraped black teflon on the fill nipple threads makes installation easy and simple
  • Replacement fill nipple if your stanard fill nipple is leaking
  • Ninja Black colour coated Fill Nipple

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