Ninja Deluxe Quick Disconnect Remote Coil Hose with Slide Check

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Ninja Deluxe Quick Disconnect Remote Coil Hose with Slide Check

The Ninja Deluxe Remote line with Slide Check and Quick Disconnect is the idea piece of equipment to have if you want to take that tank off your gun! Attaches to all bottles Co2 or HPA with an on/off universal fill adapter to a slide check and quick disconnect. The Slide Check is a valve fitting that allows and stops the flow of pressure to the marker to able disconnect your remote line from your gun without having to draining the line! Pick these up for a lighter marker!


  • Ninja Remote line system
  • On/Off Universal Fill Adapter
  • Slide Check Fitting
  • 1/8" Female Quick Disconnect
  • Remote Line Adapter to marker attachement included
  • Black Finish
  • Lazer Engraving for Ninja Logo
  • Made in USA for Best Quality
  • Hose Length: 3 Feet
  • Hose Length Stretched 5 Feet
Overall Rating:
It's a good remote. Gives you enough distance to move your marker around. The quick release and slide check are handy for quickly detaching your marker between rounds, and for filling your HPA / CO2 tanks. It's also Ninja, so it's sweet. FYI the slide check allows you to turn close the remote at the marker end, so you don't loose the pressure in the hose when you disconect your marker. I havn't had any problems with the slide check acidentally sliding around either. It's also pretty cheap.
  Daniel Collier   May 29, 2009