Left Coast Paintball G6R Reg Collar Removal Tool

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Left Coast Paintball G6R Reg Collar Removal Tool

The Bob Long markers are one of the top tiers in performance but maintaining them can be tricky! With most of their new markers utilizing their own regulators to prevent third party regulators from damaging the gun, regulator collars only specified to the gun have been installed but can't be easily removed! Left Coast fixes this issue as sometimes the o-ring in between the marker and collar can get worn out or players looking to disassemble the gun for a custom annodize! This tool allows for easy removal of the collar so you can keep your gun working perfectly!


  • Regulator Collar removal for Bob Long paintball guns (G6R)
  • Compact hand tool fits in your tech kit or gear bag easily
  • Full metal construction makes it durable for thousands of uses
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