Lapco Barrel Adapter

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UPC:   999956798024 Angel to Cocker barrel
    999966261831 Impulse to Spyder barrel
    999988470314 Angel to Spyder barrel
    999997281612 Cocker to Shocker barrel
    999946044465 ICD (bushmaster) to spyder barrel
    999917792897 Tippmann 98 to Cocker Barrel
    999942643863 A5 to C98 barrel
    999921815552 Cocker to Spyder barrel
    999996111705 Tippmann 98 to Spyder barrel
    999949405470 Titan / Mirage to Spyder barrel
    999960016797 Impulse to Shocker barrel
    999994604647 ICD (BKO) to Cocker barrel
    999923469408 Impulse to Cocker barrel
    999989206732 Shocker to Cocker barrel
    999933368606 Spyder to Cocker barrel
    999911097150 Tippmann A5 to Cocker barrel
    999976020442 VM-68 to cocker barrel
    999929063490 A5 to Spyder Barrel
    999998765423 Tippmann98 to A5 Barrel
    999916329189 Cocker Barrel to A5 Marker
    999960621260 A5 Barrel to Cocker Marker
    999973138348 98 Barrel to A5 Marker
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Lapco Barrel Adapter

Shoot your favourite barrel on any marker with these handy barrel adapters.

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