JT Spectra Thermal Fade Lens

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JT Spectra Thermal Fade Lens

The JT Thermal lens is a replacement/upgrade for your JT Proflex, Emipre Vidar or JT Flex 8 mask. The Thermal lens uses a a dual pane system that prevents up to 80% of all fog issues that keep you playing on the field without any vission issues. The lens is still 260 degree range of vision that lets players keep an eye out on all situations that is happening while reducing blind spots! Pick this lens up to get the best of both worlds as the top half of the lens is smoke while the bottom half is clear, reduce the sun in your eyes while still getting a clear shot against players!


  • Thermal Lens helps prevent fog issues up to 80% that gives you a clear range of vision
  • 260 range of vision gives you a wide berth to prevent blind spots and let you see what's going on in the field
  • Replacement lens for the following masks: JT Proflex, JT Pro Shield, JT Flex 8 (including Full Coverage) & Empire VIDAR
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