HK Army (PB Fashion) releases their KLR paintball goggles after 4 intensive years of research of development. This represents the modern styling and technology of paintball in a simple yet fashionable package that will keep you looking great while offering all the protection you need! Using the pure clear lens technology you will be able to see clearly on to the field so you can be an effective player while being able to quickly change out the lens if they are damaged or lighting condition! The thermoplastic base protects key areas of the face while still being lightweight and flexible to promote paintball bounces. The PVT lock keeps the lens in place securely while being customizable to change the look and styling you want. 3D Memory tri-layer foam creates a level of comfort that will make you forget you are wearing it throughout the day while offers another level of protection by increasing absorption of paintball impacts. Ear Piece protection is made with EVA foam that keeps you from hearing bells when you get and also low profile design that makes the mask a smaller target. Pick up the HK Army KLR Goggle system today and be one of the most stylish paintball players on the field and extremely well protected!