GOG Paintball Freak Barrel Back

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UPC:   842030012444 Spyder / Compatible
    999984347458 Angel G7
    999935041910 Phantom
    999910501716 Tippmann A5 / Compatible
    999964972282 Angel / Compatible
    999932677919 Bushmaster / Compatible
    999926198397 Shocker/ Compatible
    842030000014 Impulse/ Compatible
    842030012482 Tippmann 98 / Compatible
    842030000007 Autococker / Intimidator
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GOG Paintball Freak Barrel Back

The GOG Paintball Freak Barrel Back allows freak users to pick up different barrel backs to adapt their freak barrel system to fit different guns. All freak barrel backs uses the freak inserts to help size up the paintballs to get the best accuracy. Pick this up and get an amazing barrel for each different gun you may have.


  • Different Freak Barrel Back threaded for different guns
  • Fits all Freak Inserts so you don't have to worry about compatibility
  • Fits only Freak threaded fronts
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