Exalt Pod Bin

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Exalt Pod Bin

Pods are one of the most necessary pieces of equipment you need if you are a heavy gunner or playing those long scenarios. The big problem isn't getting pods it's where you put them in-between rounds or collecting them when the game is over! The Exalt Pod Bin is a unique pod bin that holds up to 50+ pods in a lightweight mesh container and collapsible for easy storage after a day of paintball! The mesh side vents allows moisture to escape if your pods are wet and dirty, also a great to use if you need to dry out your bods. Adjustable shoulder strap helps you carry the pods or for pod collectors to bring with them in-between rounds of Xball! Pick this up and collect the pods in an easy to carry and manage bin!


  • Holds up to 50+ Pods in one place so you or your team can get access to pods that are ready to fill!
  • Rip Stop fabric material is durable and lightweight that allows the bin to take the load while easy to carry around the fields
  • Collapsible design allows for easy storage in your gear bag or in the closet
  • Mesh Side Vents allows moisture to escape if your pods are wet/dirty or if you need to let them dry after a wash
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