Empire Mini Marker

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Empire Mini Marker

The Empire Mini is one of the most popular markers for beginner or intermediate level players choosing to get in on a light and high performing marker! With the mini’s lightweight, players can holster the marker all day without getting sore arms. The high performance features of the marker is the low recoil, high rates of fire, smooth bearing trigger and easy maintaince. Using a spring return bolt assembly, the marker only needs to push the bolt forward and release the air. Resulting in no wasted air trying to pull the bolt back with additional pressure, which means less service would be needed and longer marker life. Using electronics in the marker, it can be programmed to achieve higher firing rates and different firing modes i.e. NXL, PSP, NPPL & Millennium modes of fire. Pick up the Mini today to get the right amount of firepower for any player to start out in a speedball style of gun.


  • Most popular marker for players to start off with for high performance and lightweight
  • High rates of fire up to 20bps
  • Different firing modes: NXL, PSP, NPPL & Millennium
  • No Hose lines that can leak or break
  • Lever Lock Feed neck
  • 9V Battery Powered
  • Smooth trigger pull
  • Easy to maintain
  • Spring Return Bolt assembly
  • Break Beam Eye system
  • Standard Colours


  • Length (w/o barrel): 7.5" / 17.5cm
  • Height: 8.375" / 21cm
  • Width: 1.25" / 3cm
  • Weight (w/o barrel): 2lbs / 0.907 kg
  • Barrel Length: 10.75"
  • Barrel Threading: Autococker
  • Rate of Fire: 20+ Balls per Second (BPS)
  • Air Propellant: Nitrogen / HPA Only
  • Trigger: Magnetic Return / Rensor
  • Eyes: Break Beam
  • Firing Mechanism: Electro Pneumatic
  • Operation Pressure: 300psi
  • Battery Powered: 9V
  • Feedneck: Lever Lock Clamp


  • Empire Mini Marker
  • Padded Foam Case
  • Instruction Manual
  • Parts Kit
  • 10.75" Autococker Threaded Barrel
Overall Rating:
STUNNING! iv had the gun for only about 3 weeks and iv only put 6000 balls thru it but its deffently a step up from my vs3 im running the magna on it and a fiber wrapped tank I just ordered the new orange bolt, virtue board, rf chip, and the empire anti jam kit for my magna (also have the crown--must buy--) altho these upgrades are nice there not needed in my oppinion the mini is great the way it is huge value for you money once I test out the upgrades for it il let you guys know how it is only down side is its a little bit hard to clean throughly and its probly the most simple gun set up iv ever seen over all id say buy it or atlest find a buddy with one and try it out
  Steven Shannick   Jul 21, 2008

Ok so im writting now after a few more rounds have been put through it ! So I've played the majority of the summer with this gun, I had one problem (the poppet) however I callled the number in the manual and they sent me a new one and I had it in 3 days. So I put it in and wow ! I dont even know how many rounds ive put through it now but im guessing at least 20-30 cases of paint. And its even better now ive also put the kila detents on it and its amazing. my buddy went out the other day with me and asked to use my set up and he simply dominated the opposition. Im still running the 68/4500 and the freak jr. system and I've also switched to a Vlocity and its amazing I love it simply put 10/10. For The money you cant go wrong ! Most of my friends are going to mini's simply for the performance to value ratio.
  Jarrett Belanger   Aug 16, 2007

Great gun !!! everything I expected and more!!!! ya many people put it down but I think thats because they spent over 1000$ to get the similar performance that I get out of this gun. ive shot lots of paint through this gun now in just the last 3 days and to be honest ive had two ball breaks ( however thats because the paint was dimpled) so to those who say this gun doesnt shoot old or lower grade paint HA! ive shot around 3000 rounds and only two ball breaks not bad! its a fun gun... bottom line, the only problem is the wait to get one but its well worth it!!!!!! for the price its the best out there. without having to spend thousands not to mention pbg is awesome to deal with go for it you wont regret this buy, ive got it matched up with a 68/4500 and a haloB/rip drive and a freak jr kit. SWEET SET UP !!!!!! 9.5/10
  Jarrett Belanger   Apr 6, 2007