Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun - Dust Grey/Orange

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Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun - Dust Grey/Orange

The Empire Mini has proven to be the choice of the beginner to intermediate paintball player looking for a gun that will perform in all situations and keeps you compact. The Mini GS uses an inline poppet system that keeps recoil low and accuracy high also extremely easy to maintain with minimal tools. Using the inline poppet system the marker has horizontal recoil that doesn't raise the gun up during high rates of fire for ball on ball accuracy. The break beam eye system prevents paintballs from getting chopped by the bolt, which can stop you from playing. Using an invisible beam of light that must be broken that allows the gun to fire will eliminate almost all chances of a chop! Electronic featured in the foregrip is powered via a 9V battery that enables to gun to achieve high rates of fire but also programmable for several different firing modes; Semi-Automatic, Full Automatic, Ramp, PSP and Millenium. The combination of the ASA with the regulator helps keep the gun more compact and performs consistently with the updated internals, the added on/off with bleed makes the tank easier to remove! This is the perfect paintball gun for any beginner to start of and with the new GS features it will be the star choice for many years!

GS Features:

  • Wrap around rubber foregrip keeps the electronics protected from the elements while providing a grip for your hands
  • On/Off ASA with Bleed allows for easier and safer removal of the paintball tank
  • New body styling gives the Empire Mini GS a new modern look
  • Only two Allen key sizes are needed to fully disassemble the gun for maintenance, you don't need a box full of tools anymore!

Mini Features:

  • Inline poppet system keeps the recoil horizontal to prevent the gun from rising up that usually decreases accuracy
  • Compact design keeps your target profile small, which makes you harder to hit
  • Clamping feedneck for your loader keeps your loader on tight and easy removal when it's time to pack it up for the day
  • Adjustable trigger customizes your trigger pull to help you increase your rate of fire at semi-automatic
  • Hoseless design eliminates the annoying leaks at fittings and prevents getting snagged on tree branches or in the heavy bush
  • Aluminum body keeps the gun lightweight for mobility
  • Electronic board system with break beam eyes keeps your marker working at it's best in any condition

** Note: Only HPA capable paintball marker, Co2 will damage the gun and void the warranty

Overall Rating: