Empire BT Operator Gloves

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Empire BT Operator Gloves

The BT Operator Gloves are for the serious woodsball players who are the Top Tier of the elite giving the ultimate form of protection while being comfortable and tactile. These gloves will allow you to shoot faster and manipulate buttons, switches or small equipment that requires a delicate feel. With the hard knuckles in the BT Operator gloves you'll be able to dish out punishment and take punishment without having to worry about bleeding and bruised knucles. Pick these gloves up and be a Tier 1 Operator on the field and don't settle for 2nd best.


  • Hard Knuckle gloves gives you optimal protection while looking intimidating and tough
  • Light comfortable tactile gloves don't weigh you down and also allows you to be tactile with equipment
  • Durable gloves built to last gloves prevents you going through a pair every time you go out on the field
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