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Team Mission

(UGS) Underground Soldiers

Newly formed Underground Soldiers crew tries to find his place in the world of Paintball. It's in the small town of Granby, Quebec, that was born the team. The crew count 18 members committed and dedicated with the same goal: fight until the end, on the battlefield.

"On the battlefield, till the end." That's our mentality.

Granby, Quebec
Home Field
ASA Paintball
Team Captain
Benoit Gevry

Team Roster

  • Benoit Gevry (C)
  • Danick Gevry
  • Etienne Gevry
  • Jonathan Hudon
  • Danielle Forand
  • Mathieu Gagne
  • Remi Boffin
  • alexandre pellerin
  • Bert Gevry
  • Jean-Sebastien Roy
  • Sylvain Hebert
  • Alexandre Boffin
  • Francis Simard
  • Simon Roussy
  • David Gelinas
  • Mathieu Richer
  • Benoit Pimpare
  • keven rousseau
  • ricky guimond
  • William Tanguay
  • Patrick McDonald