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NightHawks - Sponsored Team

Team Mission

Founded in 2009 after some disappointing walk-on games, the NightHawks Paintball Club is a recreational paintball club built on the ideals of Sportsmanship, Honesty, and Integrity. Open to both experienced ballers and new players, our membership is derermined not by skill level or style of play, but by the character of the players themselves. Be it speedball or woodsball, you'll find no whiners or wipers here - our players follow both the written rules of the game as well as the unwritten ones, and strive to be ambassadors for the sport. In the end, we play because we ENJOY playing - and no one enjoys playing with cheaters or poor sports. We attend a variety of events throughout the year - several of our members compete in the CPPL and C7 speedball series on our sister team Calgary Gravity, while others are rostered with mil-sim woodsball teams like the Crimson Sabres. You'll find us playing Big Games at Rampage Millarville, out for Owners Day each month at Bragg Creek Paintball, or hitting up Rampage City for Sunday morning speedball practice! We also assist in hosting monthly Big Games with New World Paintball - an organization that echos our own comittment to "quality players, quality games", and have established a yearly fundraising event in support of Old Macdonald Dog Rescue (Ponoka), a no-kill shelter that rehabilitates stray/neglected/abused dogs and gives them a second chance to live in a loving home. Last year we raised over $200 in cash and 160 lbs of food, bedding, and toys! Join us at our next event!

Calgary/Red Deer/Nanton/Ponoka, Alberta
Home Field
Weekend Warriors
Team Captain
Karl Norton

Team Roster

  • Scott Lobban
  • Kevin Norton
  • Matthew Runham
  • Jason Ferguson
  • Karl Norton (C)
  • Alec Mather-Shapiro
  • Jason Zeiler
  • Ian Hubschmid
  • Ayla Lovell
  • Matthew Lyall