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Danger Close Milsim Paintball - Sponsored Team

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Team Mission

Danger Close was founded in November 2010. The intent was to bring like-minded, adventurous players together under a military simulation style of play. Since then the team has grown in reputation and status in the Ottawa/Gatineau area and beyond. The team has a large player base, that ranges from recent recruits to seasoned veterans and holds regular recruit training and selection days. Danger Close is organized loosely around a military format and structure, but you wont find any saluting or bowing. Were aiming at just enough organizational discipline to be effective on the field. The team trains regularly to become more effective in marksmanship, section and fire-team maneuvers, leadership, team building and .....well, because we love training. Danger Close was one of the first teams to join the MILSIM FEDERATION and continues to exercise a leadership role in this organization. We believe in fair play, good sportsmanship and respect for our opponents. We check our egos at the door and work hard to support each other on and off the field. If were not accomplishing our objectives at big games around Ontario and Quebec, you'll find us training most weekends at our home field.

Ottawa, Ontario
Home Field
Splatterville at Karters' Korner
Team Captain
Lewis Prochnau

Team Roster

  • Cale McLean
  • Reginald Maltais
  • Jonathan Lalonde
  • Nam Pham
  • Robert Hubbard
  • Fahri Kilic
  • Lewis Prochnau (C)
  • Patrice Laurin
  • Tyler Wood
  • Emily Prochnau
  • Michael Grant
  • Jason Roach
  • Bruce Dorman
  • Matthew Cornford
  • Abdullah Arab
  • Brad Mueller
  • Gary Lalonde
  • Jonathan Bullock
  • Stephane Latreille
  • Marc Lavoie