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Bad Company 'Tier 14' - Sponsored Team

Team Mission

Tier 14s mission is to fight and win our teams wars by providing prompt, sustained land dominance across the full range of.BLA BLA BLA Really we are just here to have fun and promote the game of paintball! Both as woodball and speedball players alike. We have a wide range of players on the team and are always looking for more to join the ranks. So if you play hard, yet put just as much effort in the fun! We would love to meet you or with any luck play against you. Be sure to say hello if you see us, we look forward to meeting you all! Capt Murray G Guardian 2-6 actual

Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Home Field
Maple Ridge Paintball
Team Captain
Murray Greissel

Team Roster

  • Murray Greissel (C)
  • Justin Farkas
  • Jason Brockbank
  • Mason Greissel
  • Shane Horodyski
  • Ray Watson
  • Kyle Watson
  • Gordon Horodyski
  • Tara Shannon
  • Conor Finch
  • Brennan Finch
  • ray waton
  • Ed HING
  • Antonio Domingo
  • Rob Tan