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Team Mission

It all started from a guy, who been playing way too long at his favorite n one of the best fields around. Yeah AMBUSH PAINTBALL, meet a few new friends and decided to try out a 3man Bushball Event. Did pretty good. Met some more friends and friends of friends. Where it came to be a full 12 man team. Practicing at our favorite field, every weekend at the bushball field. We have played some scenarios(locally) and Speedball event, as long as the 3 things allowed us to play(1 - work, to have the time off n money to play; 2 - wife/girlfriend/family, to play that weekend/event; 3 - available, in town or around). All in all, most of us preferred playing bushball. Its not because we play along with renters, its more we sometimes get a field of our own n play against each other, we do sometime welcome gun owner to join if they want. Its always been about the fun, hanging out with friend, teaching the new comers of the sport n how to play better. So thats it... Hope to see you all either at Ambush Paintball bushball field or at the next scenario

Somewhere in Surrey, British Columbia
Home Field
Ambush Paintball
Team Captain
Chris Wong

Team Roster

  • Chris Wong (C)
  • Christian Hallo
  • Lucas Wilde
  • Ricky Palamara
  • Rolly Palamara
  • Ronald Palamara
  • Kris Deleon
  • Mark Haber
  • Ferdinand Daganato