Dye Tactical Insulated Grenade Pouch - Black

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Dye Tactical Insulated Grenade Pouch - Black

The Dye Insulated Grenade pouch holds one paintball grenade on a molle vest. The pouch itself is insulated that will keep your paintball grenade cool on hot days or keep it warm on cold days, this insures the paintball grenade will work in any condition before you use it! The molle pouch features the molle webbing system that will attach to a molle vest at any spot you wish it to be for easy and quick access when you need it! The pull-tab system makes opening the pouch fast and silent instead of the usual Velcro, which is sometimes hard to pull open and creates a lot of noise. Pick these grenade pouches up and equip grenades with you on the field and access wherever you place them on the vest.


  • Insulated Grenade pouch keeps your grenades fresh and protected from the hot or cold conditions you want to play
  • Pull tab system makes opening the pouch fast and quiet instead of trying to rip open Velcro
  • Molle webbing system allows the custom placement of the pouch on your vest for fast and easy access
  • Holds one grenade per pouch
  • Ninja black colour blends in with your other scenario gear

**Note: Grenade not included with pouch

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