Dye Navigator 2.5S Gear Bag

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Dye Navigator 2.5S Gear Bag

The Dye Navigator 2.5S Gear Bag has been getting players to the paintball field locally and internationally for years with it's dual compartment system that acts as a rolling closet for both your playing gear and your street clothes. Using a dual compartment system you actually get two gear bags in one that can used together or separately! The top half houses most of your playing gear such as guns, tanks, loaders and goggles while the other houses clothing with it's sealed wet compartment. With the Dye Navigator bag you don't have to worry about deciding on what to bring as you will have more then enough room to bring everything you need to play paintball effectively and also look good at the after game party!


  • Carry and house all your paintball gear and appareal while having a clean and dry place to store your regular street clothes during the day
  • Dual bag system houses your gun, packs, tanks, loaders and goggles while the other can store your paintball jersey, pants and cleats
  • Top half separates and be used individually and doubles as a backpack with padded adjustable straps for comfortable travel
  • Bottom Bag houses casual gear or playing appareal in a weat sealed and lined compartment
  • Rolling Gear bag with telescoping handle allows for easy and simple travel to carry all the parts and items you need quickly through the airport

Top Bag (Detachable) Features:

  • Goggle & Lens section keeps your goggles protected and scratch free
  • 2 Padded Paintball Gun Sleeves
  • 6 Elastic barrel straps holds all your barrels so you don't get caught without one
  • Tools and Parts pocket with extended tech matt gives you the perfect area to work on your gun inbetween games
  • Cleat compartment keeps your dirty and smelly cleats separate so it won't dirty up your other gear
  • Weather Sealed Personal pocket keeps your keys, wallet and cell phone (smart phone too!) dry from the elements
  • Memory Foam Carrying handles molds to your hands making long distance travel comfortable

Bottom Bag Features:

  • Large Casual Gear Compartment keeps your everyday clothes dry and clean
  • Thermal Insolated Optics Copmartment keeps your lenses protected from the hot weather heat also your cold ones cold!
  • Telescopic handle extends from the gear bag making it comfortable to roll the gear bag through rough terrain and also airports
  • Tightening straps helps compress the gear bag to fit into those tiny taxis or in your friend's small car
  • All Terrain Roller Wheels are durable against the rough surfaces your paintball bag faces when getting to the field

**Note: Gear pictured is not included with the gear bag**

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