Dye Invision i3 Pro Thermal Lens

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Dye Invision i3 Pro Thermal Lens

The Dye Invision i3 Pro Thermal lens allows users of the Dye i3 pro mask to replace broken or damaged lenses on their mask. The lenses are thermal designed that prevents fogging issues coming up, allowing you to see clearly and fight effectively! Pick this up for your Dye i3 pro or previous version of the Dye invision line of masks.


  • Replacement Lens for your Dye Invision i3 Pro Goggle
  • Different style of lenses: Clear or Smoke
  • Smoke Colour lenses are great to use on bright sunny days to avoid squinting
  • Thermal lens design prevents 80% of all fog issues giving you that clear vision you need to play paintball
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