Dye DAM - Olive

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Dye DAM - Olive

Dye finally releases a completely new marker line, the Dye Assault Matrix (DAM). The DAM was built from the ground up to be the ultimate tactical woodsball marker that is versatile and loaded with features that compare to any high-end marker. The Dye DAM is a magazine fed marker that can be switched to hopper feed with a flick of a switch (on the fly system) and magazine released for either right or left hand play.

The Dye DAM magazine system is compatible with both regular 0.68 caliber paintballs and first strike, the magazine is also 10rd per side as you can carry fewer magazines but still have plenty of ammo to finish the game. The quick release bolt allows the bolt system to be easily removed for easy tool-less access for cleaning and maintenance. The inline regulator is now built in with the bolt system which is also tool-less, this makes it simple and easy to maintain your marker in one simple system.

The Dye DAM fire selector allows firing modes to be easily switched by just a push of a button, but can still be customized if you don't like the preset firing modes. Changes and programming can be done without disassembly of the marker and can even be done during a game! While the Dye DAM can use either the hopper feed or magazine, you can completely remove the feed neck if you would like to just use magazines and have a mag fed paintball gun.

The trigger was designed by Youngblood himself who closely studied of how top firearm competition shooters like their triggers, by making vertical ridges and wide face areas that feels great with or without gloves and still is customizable on how you would it to feel. The Dye DAM won't be a tactical marker without rails so a modular rail shroud was designed into the marker, this allows players to attache standard optics, flash lights, lasers, foregrips or other tactical attachments to give the DAM it's own personalized look and feel.

The Picatinny rail along the top of the marker is almost 2 feet long, while the side and bottom rails can be removed if they are not being used. Dye has been famous for their sticky style grips to help make it feel comfortable and grippy when it's in your hand. The grips are also tool-less for easy access to the battery that helps you change your 9V battery when you need one quickly. Like other tactical markers, they all use stocks to help give you the stable platform for firing and to also help absorb recoil into your shoulder, the DAM is no different as the stock is both durable and strong but has been lowered so that you can easily look down the sights even with a mask on.

Pick up the Dye DAM for either your first or last tactical marker, as after this you won't want to go back to anything else!


  • Dye's new and revolutionary Tactical Marker, Dye Assault Marker (DAM)
  • Magazine fed or hopper fed can be switched between the two with its "On the Fly System"
  • First strike compatible magazines allowing you to use either 0.68 caliber rounds or first strike paintballs without needing any adjustments
  • Quick release bolt allows players to easily maintain and fix their markers without any tools
  • In line hyper regulator system allows players to maintain their regulator without tools just like the bolt so you can keep the DAM operating exactly how it should
  • Rotating eye pipe helps eliminates double feeds while helping keep the break beam eyes clean from paintball fill and debris to help keep the life of the eyes high so you don't need to replace them constantly like other markers
  • Push button firing mode change allows players to quickly switch modes on the fly and also able to change the preset buttons if you don't like the stock programming
  • Tactical Sticky grips gives you a comfortable grip hold on the gun while being tool-less for easy battery changes
  • Modular Rail Shroud gives players 2 feet of pictainny rails along the top, side and bottom of the marker which gives players the option to attach whatever weaver/picatinny tactical attachments they would like i.e. Flashlights, Sights or foregrips.
  • Removable clamping feedneck lets players have a complete milsim look if they are only using magazines
  • Magazines are dual loaded with 10rd on each side, flip the magazine to get an extra 10rds per side so you can carry fewer magazines but still have the ammo to finish the game!
  • Dye DAM weighs in at 4.76lbs without the magazine which means it isn't a beast to hold on to and won't weigh you down which will give you the mobility you need on the paintball field!

**Note: Ony compatible with HPA only

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