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Dye C13 Pants - DyeTree Aqua

Dye Paintball has always a close relationship with Professional players and always listen to their feedback on what makes a good pants, this would be one of the main reasons why the Dye Core series of pants are always the most popular paintball pants to be used and seen on the field. The C13 is no different and after a year of listening and design the new core series to be better with it's redesign look and reinforced features. Dye pants have been known to be lightweight and durable with weighing at 2.08lbs you won't have an excuse to run slow on the field and the mix of 400d and 200d nylon knees you won't be need to hesitate to take that hard dive without ripping your knee joints on the pants out. The Yoke Harness Lock keeps the pod pack securely in place instead of flopping around during a run on the field. Breathable mesh material featured on the pants keeps airflow circulation to a maximium while protecting you from rain, wind and dirt from getting into the important areas. Dual fuzzy stick pockets keeps the swab close by and handy if you suffer from a barrel break on both of your legs so you don't need to scramble to find where you left it. Pick up the Dye C13 pants for comfort and high performance that will surpass your expectation on paintball pants also keep you stylish and fresh.


  • Dye 2013 Core Series pants (C13) has a redesign look and performance for the new year
  • C13 Pants won't weigh you down at 2.08lbs which eliminates the excuse of your gear too heavy to make that run
  • 400d and 200d Knee Protection is durable and tough to withstand hard and long dives that you need to do to get out of harms way
  • 200d Hip protection (Pig Sticker Tech) gives you added protection when you need to do a quick hip slide
  • Dual swab pockets lets you hold a swab on each leg so you can quickly access them when you get a barrel break
  • Yoke Harness Lock technology keeps your pod pack where it is and not down at your ankles when you make a run to the target
  • Adjustable Drawstring ankle cuffs keep the pants from riding up and prevent dirt making it up on your pant legs
  • Breathable assembly gives you a high airflow in the pants for comfort while protecting you from the elements

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