Dangerous Power G5 - Black

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Dangerous Power G5 - Black

The Dangerous Power G series have been highly popular due to their compact light design while providing the same great features that some high end guns have built in. The new Dangerous Power G5 has a gas through grip design that removes the hoseline from the paintball gun, which helps decrease the amount of leaks and also removes the chance of the the hose line getting caught in the woods. The new Wave trigger gives players a solid and smooth trigger pull, that helps you maintain a high rate of fire so you keep raining down paintballs on your opponents. The redesign bolt allows all grades of paintballs to be shot from the gun with it's even flow face, which allows the bolt to shoot from field grade to tournament grade paintballs without having to worry about it breaking in your gun! The new RipTide regulator features 7 stationary o-rings and lighter components which allow for faster response rate, which gives you more consistent velocity at time of shooting and help you take accurate shots. The Dangerous Power G5 combines great features for beginners or advanced players who are looking for an affordable speedball marker who want to stand up against players who have $1000+ guns.


  • New redesigned Dangerous Power G series for the 2013 year
  • Dangerous Power G5 main difference is the internal hose line in the grip frame eliminating leaks out of the box
  • Redesigned bolt operates at 180psi for low pressure operation and even flow which allows the gun to shoot any grade of paintballs without worrying it will break in your gun
  • RipTide regulator features 7 stationary o-rings and lighter components for faster response and longer maintenance cycles, which allows the marker more consistent velocity which gives more accurate shooting
  • Wave trigger gives players a solid trigger pull that is light and responsive giving players a way to easily maintain a high rate of fire so they can keep the paintballs raining on their targets
  • Lever locking feedneck allows the feedneck to hold the loader tightly so you don't have to worry about it falling off during a game while being able to take the loader off easily


  • Dangerous Power G5
  • Full Colour Instruction Manual
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • 13" Auctococker Threaded Barrel
  • Stickers
  • Barrel Sock
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