Dangerous Power Espionage E2 - Red

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Dangerous Power Espionage E2 - Red

The Dangerous Power E1 Marker focuses on the key features that make the DP guns popular. Inexpensive, fast cycle and low recoil! Utilizing the Dangerous Power reinforced Dump Valve Bolt system allows the marker to operate at a low 200 psi operation that is soft on paintballs during it's firing cycle. With it's small frame, it is the best marker for beginners and younger players to easily fit in their hands. Perfect marker to use as a beginner to be able to stay on the same level on the field against players with High Ends!


  • Dangerous Power E1 marker have all the same popular core features of all the G series markers
  • Popular Beginner paintball gun perfect for new players who want a small light and fast gun
  • Reinforced Dump Valve Bolt System allows players to run 200psi operating pressures that is softer on paintballs
  • Anti Chop Eyes only allows the marker to fire a paintball when it is positioned correctly in the breech
  • Two firing modes included: Semi-Automatic & Full Automatic (25 BPS Max)
  • Increased durability in the bolt system for less maintenance
  • Small frame to keep the marker compact and easy to use with younger players
  • Programmable electronics with Micro Switch activation to keep board responsive
  • On/Off ASA for easy removal of tank systems with bleed


  • Length: 15.38inches (390.8mm)
  • Height: 7.58inches (192.5mm)
  • Weight: 1.91lbs (869g) w/ Battery
  • Operating Pressures: 200psi @ 280FPS
  • Firing Modes: Semi Automatic & Full Auto (25 bps)
  • Barrel Length: 9.5"
  • Air Propellant: HPA Only
  • Barrel Threading: Autococker
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