BT Paint Grenade M8

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BT Paint Grenade M8

The BT Paint Grenade is a great addition to keep with you at all times during a paintball game. The Grenade helps you eliminate more then one opponent at a time or make people flee from your position. Unfortunately the effects of this grenade is not the same as a real life grenade as it tends not to "explode" but actually bounces and sprays on to players. The BT M8 grenade is a compression tube that is filled with paint, when thrown hard enough the paint fill is released thus spraying in a circular motion. Small and compact the BT M8 grenade will help you look more "elite" and help you take out more player per game.


  • Paintball Grenade helps flush enemies out of their cover
  • Eliminate more then one player at a time
  • Ring Loop allows the grenade to be easily attached to vests for easy carrying
  • Compression paint filled tube sprays opponents for a group effect
  • Smaller grenade gives players the ability to carry grenades without weighing you down
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