BT Omega Player Parts Kit

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BT Omega Player Parts Kit

This is a must have for all Empire BT Omega users out there because of it's comprehensive parts kit that will fix most of the common issues after months of heavy use! Pick this up and always have it with you when you play paintball!


  • Omega Trigger Plate Pin
  • Omega Safety with O-Ring
  • Omega Short and Long Receiver Screws
  • Omega Lower Frame Screw
  • Ball Detent
  • Cup Seal Assembly (3 Parts)
  • Sear
  • Front Bolt
  • Linkage Arm
  • Receiver Nuts and Tank Adapter Nuts
  • Valve Screw
  • Velocity Screw
  • Feed elbow Pinch Bolt, Elbow Nut, Elbow Washer
  • Front Bolt O-Ring
  • Internal Valve O-ring
  • Rear Bolt & External Valve O-Ring
  • Shock Absorber O-Ring
  • Grip Screws
  • Short and Long Tank Adapter Screws
  • Bolt Rubber Handle Cover
  • Drive Spring and Drive Spring Guide
  • Barrel Adapter O-Ring
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