BT All in One Rip Clip Loader

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BT All in One Rip Clip Loader

The BT Rip Clip System is a sound activated loading system that will load a paintball after each shot is taken. Each time a marker takes a shot a sound is created, the microphone in the rip clip picks up the sound and proceeds to feed a paintball into the marker's breach. Battery operated system using 6 AA batteries and a soft easy on/off button with a LED to show the status of the loader. Able to use any A5/X7 cyclone top loader system to help you carry as much or as little as you need.


  • Rip Clip Force Feed sound activated loading system
  • Each shot the marker creates will activate the loader to feed a shot into the marker breech
  • 6 AA Battery Operated Electronics
  • Compatible with BT-4 / Omega & TM series paintball guns

** Note: Markers are not included with Rip Clip

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