BK Bunker King Supreme V3 3-pack - Stealth Grey

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BK Bunker King Supreme V3 3-pack - Stealth Grey

The revolutionary world’s fastest strapless paintball pack. Designed by the original Bunkerkings and legendary brothers Max and Alex Lundqvist who have played for renowned pro teams like Joy Division, Russian Legion, Ground Zero, Scorpions and more.

The Bunkerkings Supreme Strapless Pack is a proven design used by top pro players all over the world. The new Bunkerkings packs feature V3 elastic technology, which accommodate all pod sizes, and require no adjustment over the lifetime of the pack.


The strapless pack is the most revolutionary product in paintball since the speed feed. Now you can not only reload faster in one seamless pull, but your profile will be tighter as you no longer have to reach up and pull straps.


Carry all the paint you need. Even the smallest Nano 3+6 pack, holds up to nine 165 round pods, while the larger 5+8 pack holds up to a whopping thirteen 165 round pods. Or stick with the classic 4+7 and carry up to 11 165 round pods.


The Supreme Pack is designed to hold on to your paint more securely than ever so you don’t have to worry about pods dropping on even the hardest runs or dives.

When walking off the field or reloading in the staging area, simply grab a pod and slide it in. Never ask someone to strap your pods in place again!


No matter your style preference, whether you prefer loud and flashy, subdued and low key, or if you prefer to hide in the woods. Bunkerkings is the supreme of paintball style and fashion.


The unique design of the elastic pouches allow the Supreme Pack to automatically adjust to any size pod.


The belt and back support are designed to create maximum comfort and prevent your pack from bouncing as you run down the field. Friction padding combine with an advanced elastic attachment system to fit you no matter your body type.

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