We have created a rewards programme for Paintball Gear. You can earn points for each product that you purchase. You can then use your points to create Coupons. Each One Thousand Earned points have a value of one dollar, (1000 × points = $1).

You current reward totals and a list of any available coupons that you have created are listed on your Account Page.

Earning Points

Reward Points are earned when you purchase products on the site or in-store. They are awarded after your order is shipped or in-store after you have paid. The point value is displayed on the product's details page on the web site. Points are deducted for any returned items that earned points.

Redeeming Points

Once you have reward points saved up and want to redeem them then follow the simple two-step process.

  1. Create a Coupon

    You can create a coupon using your earned reward points on the My Account page. When you have earned 10,000 or more points a drop down menu listing available coupon amounts will appear. Simply select the coupon amount you wish and press the [Create Coupon] button. The coupon will be created and appear in the list at the bottom of the Paintball Gear Rewards box. You redeemed points will be deducted from your earned point tally.

  2. Redeem the Coupon

    You can use your coupons when you check out to apply them to your cart total. Simply enter the Coupon Code into the box marked "Enter Coupon Code" on the Checkout - Payment Information Page and the coupon dollar amount will be deducted from your cart total. See the picture to the right.


If you have any questions about the Paintball Gear Rewards program then please feel free to ask. We'd also like to hear any suggestions you may have to make the programme better.