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Wednesday Gear Review - Ninja V2 Pro Regulator

By Jono Tan
Published Wednesday, April 9, 2014.

Ninja V2 Pro RegulatorI'm going to highlight the Ninja V2 Pro Regulator as the solution but you'll need a bit of education to understand why it's good.

In most cases when you start to shoot your gun at a high FPS, something greater than 15+ BPS, you can start to see your shots curving off or dropping slightly. Sometimes it's the recoil of the gun but in most modern day guns that barely give off the kick, recoil is not the issue that effects accuracy. 

What I've found in my experience is that the air regulator from your tank can't keep up with the gun, which causes the system to almost gasp for air. This causes and un-even flow going through your gun and eventually to the paintball itself that results into it curving or not even making it to the target. 

Air regulators come in different sizes, brands and styles. Most often if you pick up a cheap tank you'll find it unbranded, cheaply made and also very unreliable. Surprisingly enough most of the cost of a tank goes into the regulator, tanks are easily made now with modern manufacturing but a regulator needs to be built tough and able to handle thousands of pounds of pressure as well!

The Ninja V2 Pro Regulator is the newest creation from Ninja Paintball This will immediately boost the performance in your gun by allowing a high amount of air flow through the regulator because of the new patented ball valve system! Take a look below on how the ball valve system works as traditionally using a pin you would have to use a smaller ouput hole!

Ninja V2 Regulator GifThe Ninja V2 regulator still spouts all the same great features from their previous versions; rotating bonnet to help stop the fill nipple digging into your wrists, adjustable output pressures for increase air efficiency and performance and easy of maintainence!

Pick up the V2 regulator for your HPA tank and get the true performance out of your gun!

If you have any questions leave it in the comments and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!

Jonathan Tan
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