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Blow out on Valken Airsoft guns.
Raymond Emsley - Feb 8, 2017
Blow out on Valken airsoft guns.

PRESS RELEASE Paintballgear is please to announce.....
Raymond Emsley - Jan 14, 2017
Paintballgear announces that they are a Distributor and Service Center for GOG Paintball, Shocker Paintball and Luxe Paintball products.

SHHH... Its a secret.
Raymond Emsley - Dec 29, 2016
SHHH... Its a Secret.

Huge Boxing Day Sale at - Online and instore
Raymond Emsley - Dec 20, 2016
Huge Boxing Day sale at - Online and Instore

12 Days of Christmas Sale
Raymond Emsley - Dec 9, 2016
This ia our annual 12 days of christmas sale.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale
Raymond Emsley - Nov 15, 2016
Welcome to our 2016 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale!

Canada Post could be going on strike as early as July 2nd.
Raymond Emsley - Jun 26, 2016
With Canada Post threatening to go on strike as early as July 2nd, is making arrangements so that there will be no disruption in delivery service.

Tippmann Products Revamp at Paintballgear
Raymond Emsley - Jun 2, 2016
Paintballgear revamped all Tippmann Products. New products, old products and updated products.

MAXTACT Magfed markers now in stock
Raymond Emsley - May 12, 2016
Now selling MAXTACT magfed markers.

Experiencing problems with online ordering?
Raymond Emsley - Apr 30, 2016
Experiencing problems with online ordering?


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