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Major Annoucement!
Mike Carey - Nov 12, 2015
Paintball Gear - MR Paintball Merger Annoucement

Tippmann Rental FT-12 and Rental FT-50 Recall Notice
Shane Holmes - Aug 30, 2015
Tippmann Sports LLC – Recall of FT-12 Rental Markers 0.50” & 0.68” caliber  Tippmann Sports in conjunction with the Consumer Product Safety Commission has entered into a voluntary recall of FT-12 rental paintball markers within the serial number range of 86,941 - 108,040. The stock numbers of the affected models are T145001 – 0.68” Caliber & T145005 – 0.50” caliber.

Canada Post Shipping Methods
Paintball Gear - Aug 25, 2015
Canada Post is currently experiencing system wide problems with their online shipping rate calculator. So for the time being we are unable to offer any Canada Post shipping options from our site.

Paintball Gear Rewards Program
Paintball Gear - Mar 20, 2015
We have created a rewards program for Paintball Gear. You can earn points for each product that you purchase. You can then use your points to create Coupons. Earned points have a value of one dollar each.

48 cubic inch HPA Safety Notice
Shane Holmes - Feb 12, 2015
There has been a recall on a specific batch of 48 cubic inch tanks manufactured by Gayston Corporation.

Paintball Gear Gift Certificates
Paintball Gear - Dec 19, 2014
Our gift certificates are available again, now with some great upgraded features.

Splatmaster, Paintball For Kids
Shane Holmes - Dec 5, 2014
Recently when my son turned 9 he was keen to invite friends over and play Splatmaster paintball in our backyard. I was very excited to fulfill that wish and began to get all the gear together in preperation for the big day.

New Payment Methods
Paintball Gear - Oct 2, 2014
We are happy to announce that we now support VISA Debit as a payment option and have re-enbled INTERAC Online.

New Ninja V2 Regulator Review
Shane Holmes - Sep 26, 2014
The new V2 Ninja Regulator

Web-Site Upgrades
Paintball Gear - Sep 19, 2014
Here at Paintball Gear are going to add new features to our web-site.


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