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Tippmann Rental FT-12 and Rental FT-50 Recall Notice

By Shane Holmes
Published Sunday, August 30, 2015.

Tippmann Sports in conjunction with the Consumer Product Safety Commission has entered into a voluntary recall of FT-12 rental paintball markers within the serial number range of 86,941 - 108,040. The stock numbers of the affected models are T145001 – 0.68” Caliber & T145005 – 0.50” caliber. 

This recall only affects rental markers within the above mentioned serial number range.  This recall DOES NOT affect any consumer models such as the T145002 FT-12 Basic or the T145003 FT-12 Players Kit. 

Some markers within this serial number range do not meet ASTM F-2272/13 section 8.2 the disabling device test. The solution is to replace the triggers on the markers with new triggers which will bring the marker into compliance with the ASTM standard. 

In order to identify markers within the affected serial number range that have already been repaired there will be a small punch mark on the back of the trigger (see photo). If you have a marker within this serial number range and it has this punch mark, it has already been repaired and you do not need to do anything further. If you have markers within the affected serial number range without a punch mark on the trigger then please contact the nearest Tippmann Service Department or your Tippmann sales representative and we will send replacement triggers. If you would rather send your markers back to Tippmann for repair then please send them to the nearest Tippmann Service Department and clearly mark the boxes “RECALL” for ease of identification. 

It would significantly speed up the process if customers could have their serial numbers recorded before calling the service department. This will make it easier to confirm that we are replacing the correct triggers and allow us to track our progress.


To learn how to change the trigger, click on the video link below.

Trigger Replacement
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         Trigger Replacement
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