Virtue Crown Speedfeed

The Virtue Crown Speedfeed has been helping players maintain a constant steady stream of paintballs shooting at your target without you having to lower your gun or take time to open the lid on your loader. You can simply just pour the paintballs into your loader from each pod of paintballs while having your gun holstered and shooting, the skill takes time to master but it well worth it in the end as you can notice this technique done by professional players at each tournament! Slap one of these Virtue Crown Speedfeeds on your loader and cut down precious seconds off your loading time during a game!

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Virtue Paintball has been making upgrades for the paintball world in guns and loaders for years. The Virtue Crown is one of their upgrades that helped change the speedfeed upgrade by making a reliable point of entry for paintballs to easily flow in while preventing them spilling out on to the ground. They easily installs on to each specified loader in minutes and can be used instantly! See the diference this upgrade can instantly make you into a speed freak on the field while still having enough paintballs in your loader after you make that long run.