Tippmann TiPX Pistol

Who needs a paintball pistol? If you're a hardcore scenario player or rec-baller looking for something different, the Tippmann TPX pistol will bring a whole new angle to your game. Check it out. And Tippmann TiPX Upgrades, too.

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If you're anything like us, your first thought when gazing upon the Tippmann TPX paintball pistol is: "Sweet gun."

It's pure power in a small package, designed for the hardcore scenario player who needs a sidearm for those flag runs or the rec-baller looking for something different to bring to the game. Make your last stand count with this unique, magazine-fed paintball pistol.

Pistol Play: A Whole New Level of Paintball

If you've ever shot a paintball pistol, you know why we love the Tippmann TPX: All that power and accuracy in such an awesome looking little design. Look at it this way: the entire game started with a couple of paintball (well, cow-marking) pistols and then it grew to millions of players nationwide. Paintball markers got bigger and faster, but let's face it: pistols were always cool and they always will be.

Then Tippmann went and made the whole concept of a paintball pistol, oh, about 3 bazillion times cooler. (So cool we had to invent a new number.)

Why You Need a Tippmann TPX Pistol

The Tippmann TPX pistol houses the 12-gram cartridge just under the barrel, giving the paintball pistol more of the look and feel of a real gun. The pistol's design lets you easily install and puncture the CO2 cartridge -- even with gloves on -- so running out of air is not a game-breaker.

Replace the stock barrel with your choice of barrel with A-5/X-7 threads, and create a lightweight, compact, magazine-fed paintball gun for exciting woodsball games.

Tippmann durability, ergonomics, accuracy and mod-ability. (No, really, that one is a word. The people at Tippmann said so.) We think the Tippmann TPX Pistol is one of the best paintball sidearms available, and reviewers agree. And who would argue with hordes of pistol-packing paintballers?

Got TPX Mods?

Don't forget to customize with your choice of Tippmann TPX upgrades, too. The Picatinny rails make it easy to add a laser, flashlight or any other part for added realism. (It wouldn't be a Tippmann if you couldn't mod it, right?)