Spyder Paintball Guns

You wanna play paintball. You need an affordable, reliable paintball marker that's easy to use, nice to look at, flexible for every style of play -- and won't break the bank. Spyder paintball guns are a top choice for many players (and parents) across Canada and the world.

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It's your first game with your own Spyder paintball gun. Your heart races. You know your friends were looking at you with a little bit of envy as they picked up their beat-up rental markers and you pulled your shiny new Spyder out of the bag. Now it's time to test it on the field.

After just a few games, the trigger feels like an extension of your finger, and the grip has virtually molded to your touch. This is your paintball gun. You're pretty sure you're even playing better now.

A Great Beginner's Paintball Gun

Over the years, Spyder has built a solid reputation for creating paintball guns for beginners and beyond.

The Classic Series Xtra Pro Pack has everything you need to launch your paintball career as a local legend. Get started with a Classic Spyder marker, an Avante goggle system, and a CO2 tank. There's a reason they call this Spyder paintball marker a classic.

If you'd rather go out and play Army with your friends, the Spyder MR Series provides the ultimate in customization and a mil-sim paintball look and feel at a bargain price. With multiple weaver and Picatinny rails, you can add sights, scopes, tac-lights and more.

Spyder Paintball Markers: Versatile, Flexible and Affordable

If you've never felt the excitement of paintball with your own gun, a paintball marker you can really get to know, modify, customize and that will last for years, now's the time. Millions of players got their first elimination with a Spyder paintball marker.

Providing great flexibility for rec players who are equally at home in the bushes or behind an airball bunker, you just can't go wrong with any of the Spyder paintball markers here at Paintballgear.ca.

Not sure which one to choose? Give us a call and our paintball experts will help you out.