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Virtue VLocity Chip

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The Virtue VLocity chip is the first and only Viewloader approved VLocity upgrade. We've also worked closely with Reball to develop a custom "Reball" mode so Reballs feed faster and more reliably than ever before. Reball has awarded the Virtue VLocity chip their exclusive "Reball Certification" award - the best upgrade for using Reball in your VLocity.

300% increase in battery life observed during our on-field trials!

The Virtue VLocity chip programs just like a Virtue board, placing thousands of easy-to-use, customizable options at your fingertips. Now you can set the exact rate of fire you want your VLocity to feed from 15-35bps. Default presets for your style of play include, X-ball, Millennium, NPPL, Ramping, or Reball, the Virtue VLocity chip can be put into one of these modes and performance as well as battery life will be optimzed for that style of play. Or use the custom preset option, and control all the precise settings exactly how you want them.

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