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Virtue Spire Loader - White/Blue

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The Virtue Spire Loader is the next revolutionary loader that will feed paintballs into your gun with speed, efficiency and gentleness while giving having an aggressive appearance you want on the field. The Virtue Spire Paintball Loader has a shot activated G-Force sensor, this sensor will spin as fast as the other loaders but gives a reliable feed rate with it's spring loaded Anti-Jam Paddle system. The Anti-Jam Paddle system seamlessly prevents jams to happen in the loader as it runs underneath the paintballs to clear out jams before they have a chance to happen. The Virtue Spire is a tool less disassembly loader that lets you take it apart with ease that allows you to change the battery or clean the loader out. The Spire is extremely soft on brittle/tournament grade paintballs as if your paintball gun can shoot it then the Spire can load it. The Spire uses a Flex Cycle system that has rubber arms that are soft enough not to slice or break paintballs but are gentle and fast enough to give you that fast loading you need. Featuring on the back of the loader at the lid is a transluecent back shell that allows players to quickly glance at how many paintballs you have left, stop guessing or shaking the loader to get a feel how much you have left that helps prevent you from running dry or over filling your loader while prevent from anyone else on the field from knowing how much you have left. The loader has a simple On/Off button that makes the loader easy to operate and a self featuring motor logic optimizer let the loader configure itself making it an easy to use product but still configurable if you do want to tweak your settings. The loader shell on the Virtue Spire is made out of glass-filled nylonn which makes this a high durable loader while being extremely light. The Spire may look small but it can holds over 200 paintballs at full capacity, this is achieved with its stacked gear box and it's unique angular shape. The Spire is one of the most lowest and narrowest front profile on the market giving the opponents a smaller target to shoot at while looking aggressive. Pick up the Virtue Spire for your gun and have high rates of fire without the worry about it jamming up on you!


  • New revolutionary loader from Virtue: The Virtue Spire
  • G-Force Sensor will feed paintballs into your gun as fast as it can shoot it while giving you a jam free operation so you can keep shooting without problems!
  • Anti Jam Paddle seamlessly prevents jams but running underneath the paintballs and pushes paintballs out of the way
  • High Capacity loader as it holds over 200 paintballs filled at capacity
  • Tool Less disassembly that lets you change your batteries or for cleaning which lets you get back into the game faster
  • Flex Cycle feature a flexible soft rubber arms that doesn't slice or break paintballs during feeding process
  • Self Optimizing Motor Logic lets the loader configure itself making it an easy to use loader giving you optimal feed rates without needing to tweak it
  • Configurable programming if you have a specific settings in mind when the Spire is in operation
  • Translucent back shell allows the user to quickly check on their paintball levels are at instead of guessing and then running dry at the worse moments during a game
  • Aggressive low profile styling that makes this one of the most narrow and shortest loaders available 
  • Reball Ready loader without needing to configure or change out parts
  • Push Button On/Off operation making the loader extremely easy to use
  • Power Saving Standby mode increases battery life 
  • Low battery indicator with audible alarm


  • Loader Capactiy: 200+
  • Batteries: AA x 3 (Not included)
  • Length: 9" / 230mm
  • Width: 4" / 102mm
  • Height: 4" / 102mm
  • Weight: 16.5oz / 468grams

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