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Virtue RF Kit for Halo/Magna Upgrade Boards

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The Radio Frequency (RF) technology is now being used in Paintball more and more. Virtue has developed a RF Kit to be used with all their upgrade boards both loader and marker. As long as you have a upgraded board working with any marker board these kits can be used to help your marker and loader work together. The RF features short radio waves being sent out from the marker each shot that gets received on the loader rf side, each signal recieved will activate your loader to load paintballs into the marker. This creates a perfect harmony between the loader and the marker to give an increase firing rate and decrease the chances of paintballs breaking in the breech.


  • Easy to synch up from Marker to Loader
  • Comes with compatible wires for any marker board and wiring scheme
  • Have your marker fire faster, more consistently and reduce the amount of paintball breaks within the breech 

**RF Kit will only work with a Virtue Loader Upgrade Boards

Virtue RF Kit for Halo/Magna Upgrade Boards Reviews

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