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Virtue Prophecy Crown SF - Lime

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The Virtue Crown SF upgrade for the Empire Prophecy & Prophecy Z2 allows paintballs to easily flow in and trapped in the loader until shot. With using a quick feed or speed feed system for the loader you decreases the time of loading paintballs into the loader by just pouring a pod of paintballs through the feed system, this allows you to keep a steady stream of paintballs on your target and prevents any distractions other then hitting your opponents on the field. The Virtue SF or Spring Finger technology feature spring at each hard polymer finger to easily bend to allow the flow of paint to go through but strong enough to lift the finger to lock it into place, this means easy and fast reloads while preventing the paintballs from spilling out from hard runs or dives! The Virtue Crown SF speed feed replaces the stock Empire Prophecy spring assisted lid.


  • The Virtue Crown SF loader is a quick feed system that allows for faster reloads so you can keep an eye and stream of paintballs on your target constantly
  • Durable polymer fingers only fold in one direction allows for smooth and fast loading of paintballs while locking itself shut with springs to prevent paintballs from spilling out
  • Button release collar allows users to easily fill up the loader by having the collar swing open if you need to fully load your loader with paintballs
  • Translucent fingers allow players to easily see how much paintballs they have so you can know how much paint you have left in your loader
  • Compatible Loaders: Empire Prophecy & Empire Prophecy Z2 

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